LONGEST LIFE in Once-through Boilers


水質が悪化し続けるタイで、PhoenixTech Japan Co., Ltd.のおもてなしメンテナンスをバックアップに、お客様へ節約をご提案致します。

Long Life Boiler


(バンコク近郊 日本食品工場 工場長様より)

A Japanese engineering group, Samson Co., Ltd. has acquired patents for the unique water level control and body structure and offers long-life products and steam dryness that no other company has.

In Thailand where water quality continues to deteriorate, we offer customers saving advice with the support of hospitality maintenance of PhoenixTech Japan Co., Ltd.

Long Life Boiler

It is generally said that the 100 kg/h class once-through boiler life is about seven years, but Samsung's boiler (BO-100M made in Japan) withstood more than 30 years (1984 - 2015) under the severe circumstance of Thai water quality. For the size up, it retired in good condition.

(From the manager of a Japanese food factory near Bangkok)