KOCHI Food Festival in BKK 2016


”President Ohno from Kochi passionately supports Tosa Local Cuisine in Thailand!

【Eve the festival】

Welcome to Mr. Tanaka(Photo right) 's first visit Thai from kure, Kochi, Japan who is a Chef of Bonito-Tataki, three of Nakatosan gathered.

After graduating from Keio University, Mr. Tanaka who has a unique background, got a job at a company, after going through China etc, made a U - turn to local Nakatosa Town and succeeded Tanaka Fresh Fish Shop. Mr. Tanaka is one year junior to President Ohno (photo center). Mr. Ohno laughed, "I have never been seen as his senior."

Professor Kuroiwa who works for JETRO (photo left) is a classmate of Mr. Tanaka in school and also two door neighborhood of Mr. Ohno. It has been for 39 years since they met last time.

In addition, Mr. Ohno's father who has passed away, was also a skillful Chef of Bonito-Tataki, and he was still a senior to Mr. Tanaka's father who is still actively working.

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