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SAMSON boiler.

After all, "MADE in JAPAN" is the best! Quick Service, No.1 in Thai market!

Boiler is extremely LONG LIFE & Steam DRYNESS is 99.5% or more!

Samson Co., Ltd  gets misunderstood as Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

SAMSON CO., LTD is the company who provides the Best Solution for Steam & Food System with THERMO-TECHNO.

Samson Co., Ltd. is always considering the customer's satisfaction by providing Japanese quality of products and best services. 

Samson was founded in Kagawa pref. of Japan in 1945, and thereafter engaged in the development, manufacture, sale and maintenance of boiler, food processing and water treatment equipment.

The basis of our technology is to study the "Heat", and we have been working for the business based on "Thermo-Techno" for 70 years.
It is needless to say that we are developing our products more carefully and sincerely as manufacturer. Furthermore, we are paying more attention to consider the convenience and safety for the benefit of customer. Through high quality, technology and service of Made in Japan Products, we can propose the best solution to "Heat".

The Origin of Company Name

Company was established as the name of "OKAZAKI TEKKO-SHO". In 1980, the name was changed "SAMSON CO., LTD.". SAMSON is derived from a brave soldier appeared in Old Testament. He is a hero with both in Herculean Strength and Humor. Everybody has respected and loved him sincerely.
 Reference User Name

[Electrical Machine, Precision Machine] Kyocera Corporation, Sharp Corporation, Seiko Epson Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Hitachi Ltd., Fujitsu Ltd.

[Transportation Equipment and Vehicles] Kubota Corporation, Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd., Toyota Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Mazda Motor Corporation, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Yanmar Co., Ltd.

[Medicine and Chemicals] Kao Corporation, Kurita Water Industries Ltd., Shionogi & Co., Ltd., Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd., Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Lion Corporation.

[Energy Source] Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., Toho Gas Co., Ltd., Saibu Gas Co., Ltd., Idemitsu Co., Ltd.

[Marine Products and Food] Asahi Breweries, Ltd., Ajinomoto Co., Incorporated. Calbee, Incorporated., Calpis Co., Ltd., Kibun Foods Incorporated., Fuji Oil Co., Ltd., Suntry Holding Ltd., Mizkan Holding Co., Ltd.,  Meiji Seika Kaisha, Ltd.、Lotte Co., Ltd.

Abundant supply with many customers in industries of electrical machine, foods, electricity and chemicals. Over more than 70 years, we have developed technology and recorded abundant supplies to many customers. We could establish, through such a long experience, reliable relationship with customers and enjoy good reputations from customers.

 Samurai can be an expert as result from training 

          (spirit) (technique) and  (body) together

We also keep the same philosophy and target to produce the product and conduct services based on these three elements.

SINCERELY HOSPITALITY & Excellent Maintenance supported by Japanese

Phoenix Tech Japan Co., Ltd. undertake the responsibility for service in Thailand. All staff members including Japanese concern providing customers with “Sincerely Hospitality”, reliable and safe maintenance service. We will endeavor to serve you in not only boiler but also total system including piping and auxiliary equipment in factory.


TECHNOLOGY & IDEAS for customer's smooth operation                          


By Samson original water level control system

{SYNCHRONIZED WATER LEVEL CONTROL} & the centrifugal steam separator, high purity and dryness of  steam can be obtained constantly. 

This High Dryness can keep the high latent heat and it is quite effective for energy saving.




In the pressure vessel, the inside water tube bulged with the surface processed by spiral and the outside water tube with fins are used for increasing heat-transfer. 

 Result in Fuel Saving! 

 LONG LIFE of P.V.    Equal heating structure & long durability of Pressure Vessel

               (Made in Japan)

Designed Round shape boiler body structure for pressure vessel. This structure has the furnace with water tube arranged cylindrical and is able to transfer the heat from combustion flame equally in each water tube.

Do not worry about overheat, due to flame contact partially in specific water tube, and you can still enjoy long durability.

Pressure vessel is made in Japan, as the highest quality!

 History of SAMSON Boiler