高品質ボイラー × 独自ノウハウで 日系製造業を熱くサポート



[1] 高所作業にも対応。クレーンを用いた据え付けの様子

[2] 業界を熟知する代表の大野社長は、かつて日系大手ボイラーメーカーの海外駐在員として勤務してきた経歴を持つ

[3] 商業施設内の足湯設営の実績も

[4] 新機種SEボイラー(左から2番目)を始めとした多彩なラインナップ

“PhoenixTech Japan” handles import, sale, installation, and maintenance of once-through boilers. Providing quick and detailed Japanese-style services under the experience of the industry, President Hirofumi Ohno and engineer GM Soichi Yoshioka. The reason for the company establishment was that President Ohno had witnessed many problems with boilermakers and agents during his company employee days. "It is our highest priority not to shut down the factory line. If people need maintenance, we will come to them earlier than anywhere else" (President Ohno). They are also engaged in complicated repairs which major manufacturers give up, and they respond to customers urgently if there is an urgent request which results in them gaining a strong trust from their customers.

The company also sells Sam Solution's low fuel consumption and long-life boilers. It is said that operating efficiency changes greatly with one device of piping, and there are many cases where they reduced gas consumption amount using the knowledge gained from their experience. As a result, some customers have even saved more than 50%.

In January this year, we also held a party for the company's 5th anniversary. A large Japanese-affiliated manufacturer was in attendance, and it was very busy. When asked what is going on in the future, "first of all, we need to improve customer satisfaction. Of course, if any of the customers have a plan of advancing into neighboring countries, we will support their efforts," said President Ohno. Now it is the company that feels the most heat.

------- above pictures -------

(1) High-level work supports. Installation using a crane

(2) President Ohno, who is familiar with the industry, has a history of serving as an overseas representative of a large Japanese manufacturer

(3) The results of the footbath setting in commercial facilities

(4) A diverse lineup including the new model SE boiler (second from the left)

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