社長が紹介する一冊「竜馬がゆく」ArayZ (Book Review)

"Ryoma ga yuku" - A historical novel that enthralled the president who does not like reading books
A monument of Shiba literature with a gross circulation of over 25 million copies – while being born as a second son of the lower class warriors of Tosa, the novel depicts the miraculous life of Ryoma Sakamoto on a large scale who has finally become a leader of the end of Edo era Restoration along with many youth groups who lived during the turbulent period.

"I was apt to avoid reading, probably because I was a more scientific and engineering," said President Ohno. He is from Kochi Prefecture, but he didn't have much interest or knowledge about the local hero's achievements. He took this book because he thought that it would help him when someone asks about its details. Although the series comprises eight volumes in total, the president has read all of them in a short time using his spare time such as during the travel time of the overseas business trips. He says, “despite the fact that the original story was made more dramatic than it really was, the other attractive characters appear one after another and it seemed like nonfiction as I kept reading.”

竜馬は多くの名言・格言を残したが、大野氏を勇気づけてくれたのは、「世の人は我を何とも言わば言え 我が成す事は我のみぞ知る」で、「多くの言葉に流され人の顔色ばかり窺うより、自分の信じた道なら成功するまで突き進む生き方を!」といった意味で解釈。後ろ盾だった土佐藩を脱藩して、自分の気持ちに正直で正しいと思う生き方を選択した竜馬に、大野氏は独立した自分に重なる部分があると共感する。
Ryoma left many wisdoms, and one of that motivated Mr. Ohno were "Whatever people say, they never know what I will do" which he interpreted “if it is the way that you believed in, you should keep going until you succeed rather than changing your mind based on what others may say.” Mr. Ohno says that there is an overlapping part of himself with Ryoma who withdrew from the Tosa and chose a way of life that he believed right and honest to his will.

On the other hand, Ryoma was flexible and realistic in his mind. "The history textbooks do not describe specifically what he has accomplished. This book gives you an idea of what kind of person he was and what kind of achievements he made."

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大野 裕史 社長
                   President Hirofumi Ohno

2012 年に日本製ボイラーの販売・設置・施工・メンテナンスをタイ国内で行う同社を設立し、現在に至る。海外経験が長く、前職では米国、カナダ、シンガポールの現地法人でゼネラルマネージャー、副社長など重要なポストを歴任した。
He established the company in 2012 to conduct sales, installation, construction, and maintenance of made-in-Japan boilers in Thailand. He has long experience overseas and has held important posts such as general manager and vice president at local subsidiaries in the US, Canada, and Singapore.