Gas Saving 50%(Siam Yamamamori)



Siam Yamamori manufactures Thai curry and tom yum kung using fresh ingredients from Thailand and exports them to Japan. Thai food exported to Japan is sold in many places such as supermarkets and convenience stores and it has been well appreciated by many Thai fans and Thai food fans in Japan.

ガス代が半分に!50% Gas saved!  

フェニックステックジャパン様の配管改善と、蒸気の質をサムソン社製ボイラー(RBO-2000GN)で 高い乾き度(99.5%以上)にすることにより、約50%の燃料節約、及び薬品コスト削減なども合わせ、劇的な節約が実現できました。

Siam Yamamori Co., Ltd. 尾崎 誠 社長

Thanks to Phoenix Tech Japan's improvement in piping and by making steam quality high (99.5% or more) using Samson boiler (RBO-2000GN), it has significantly economized which includes about 50% of fuel saving and cost reduction in chemical. 

                                  Siam Yamamori Co., Ltd.       Makoto Ozaki President