ボイラ関連の展示会で日系企業がPR   6月6日から9日までバンコク国際貿易展示場(BITEC)で、ポンプやバルブ、圧力容器の展示会「Boilex Asia 2018」「Pumps&Valves Asia 2018」が開催された。タイでボイラの販売、メンテナンスを手掛けるフェニックステックジャパンでは日本のボイラメーカー、サムソリューションの日本製最新鋭ボイラ「SEモデル」をアピール。同製品はタイ初上陸で、高ターンダウン比で省エネ運転を持続する。同社の大野裕史社長は「他社からのご購入や他メーカーのボイラでも迅速なメンテナンスを心掛けています。おすすめのボイラは蒸気乾き度抜群で壊れにくいサムソリューションです」と語った。

Japanese companies promote at boiler-related exhibitions
    Exhibition of pumps, valves and pressure vessels "Boilex Asia 2018" and "Pumps & Valves Asia 2018" were held from 6 to 9 June at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC). Phoenix Tech Japan, which deals with boiler sales and maintenance in Thailand, appealed the Japanese boiler manufacturer, Samsolution's most advanced boiler "SE model" made in Japan. It is the first-ever product in Thailand and sustains energy-saving operation with high turndown ratio. The company's president, Hirofumi Ohno, said, "Regardless of the boiler's brand which the customers use or buy from, we try to offer them our maintenance service as quickly as possible. We recommend using the Samssolution's boiler that is excellent in steam dryness and hard to break."